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Meet Jason.  Jason interned with us at HoneyRock Farm and he writes about his experience...

"Working on Honey Rock Farm was an amazing first job experience. It prepared me to know what to expect in future jobs, and Mr. Bill and Ms. Sharon were both very kind to me. One thing that I was immediately able to apply to my next job (a cashier position at a local grocery store) was great customer service. I went to several farmer’s markets with them, and both watching and participating in those markets, helped me to realize that products do not sell themselves but happy, kind people sell products. One specific thing they encouraged me to do was to make suggestions to potential customers about how they could use the honey: what teas the honeys went well with, what other foods would go well with honey, etc. 


Another thing I learned from working for Honey Rock Farm was the importance of asking questions. Mr. Bill was always eager to help me if I didn’t understand how to do something or had a question, and I quickly learned that it was better to ask than to do something wrong and have to do it over.

Finally, I learned precision in paying attention to detail in bottling, labeling, and boxing honey. Especially with boxing honey, Mr. Bill taught me to protect our glass bottles so that they wouldn’t break (instead of just stuffing everything in a box.) That was very helpful for my cashier job, since I constantly have to make judgment calls as to what products are safe to put together to ensure nothing is damaged.


All in all, Mr. Bill and Ms. Sharon were gracious employers and I had a wonderful first job experience!”


Thanks for being a great employer!


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