Our honey is unpasteurized so that it retains its natural properties of amino acids, mineral, vitamins, live enzymes, and antioxidants that are so essential for good health. Unpasteurized honey will change to its crystallized form in a few weeks depending on its variety. When our honey becomes crystallized we gently warm it to liquefy the crystals before we deliver it to our sales locations.  At home, to re-liquefy your honey without destroying its natural properites, place your bottle of honey in a pot and fill the pot with water just to the level of the honey in the bottle.  Loosen the lid and heat the water until it is hot to the touch.  Stir the honey frequently and reheat the water as needed until the honey is liquefied.  Be careful not to let the honey exceed 114 degrees F.  It is important not to overheat the honey as this will degrade the taste and natural properties. 

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