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Meet Ian.  Ian interned with us at HoneyRock Farm and he writes about his experience...

I started working with Bill at HoneyRock Farm a couple years back during the summer and since then I have worked there for two summers. Going into it, I had never worked much with honey bees but I had some interest from a previous summer experience. I remember within the first couple days I had gotten in the yard and thought wow there are a lot of bees, this is kinda scary. But with time, I got used to the sound of bees buzzing around me. Through my time I have learned much about the bees and about the process of extracting honey. 

Through the work I have done with Bill I have been able to see transference from the bee yard to my college work. I learned through building and repairing equipment that things should be done well the first time as to save time down the line. Through the extraction of honey I have seen how being methodical and thorough can lead to higher rewards. Coming into the yard with less knowledge on practices allow for me to bring a different set of eyes into the yard that has help Bill and myself to solve some problems. Moving out of the yard, I see how varying views can help solve problems no matter where you are. 


I have enjoyed being able to take care of such an interesting critter. To be able to learn about the bees' life cycle, the process of extracting and bottling honey, how to render wax, and to preform hive inspections, have been a great experience that has gotten me more involved in the foods I eat. 


I am very grateful to Bill, Sharon, and Bill's father for taking time to teach me life lessons through work and to teach me more about the honey bee. I am looking forward to another summer of learning from them and of course learning from the bees. 

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